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Our family was associated with Riverview Park in Des Moines since it's conception and beginning in the early 1900's all the way through to the closing in 1978.


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The Authors

W.E. Kooker - 1967 - 85 years old

Our grandfather, W. E. Kooker (deceased) was one of the founding fathers and owners. Our uncle, Robert Reichardt (deceased), followed by our father, Bart Kooker (deceased), and finally myself, Bill Kooker, all managed the daily operations of the facility for a period spanning the last 40 years of its existance, providing family fun, childhood dreams and lasting memories for thousands of people. My brother, Steve Kooker, was also involved in the operations of the park.

All of the aforementioned have provided either in the past or present, information that aided in recollecting and creating this Fading Memories of Riverview Park web site

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