Welcome to Riverview: The Lost Summers

This book is about the nostalgic memories of the amusement park on the north side of Des Moines that reside with generations of Iowans. Crossing the rickety, wooden bridge to get to the island, the scent of coal cinders from the train, the old-fashioned wooden roller coaster, the antique carousel, the Riviera Ballroom where the big bands played are all things that made a legend of the sedate, old-fashioned nature of Riverview Park.

The author, Bill Kooker, was the 3rd generation of his family to manage Riverview Amusement Park in Des Moines, Iowa . Bill would like to take you on a new Riverview ride and pass on some untold stories from out of the past of Riverview Amusement park. Also, to help one relive some of the memories, over 100 black and white pictures have been added to the book.